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Geometry-X - Hardest Game Ever


Best game in hard addicting time killer skill games genre. This free game contains three mini games: Stairs mode - Jumping game, Abyss mode - Flying game, and Survival mode - Survival game. While playing you will receive diamonds and be able to buy new cubic characters. Geometry-X is competitive geometry game between players, and have all needed functions for it - rating system and sharing via any social network. More modes and updates in our plans.Modes description:
STAIRS - Mode with simple "one tap" mechanics, but very hard to snipe between sharp obstacles. Be careful with red obstacles. This mode is "one tap" control.
ABYSS - Mode with Innovative game play. All you need, is maneuver between obstacles directing a character left or right like zigzag to avoid many obstacles as you can. This mode is "one tap" control.
SURVIVAL - Mode. You will be attacked by walls from top side and deadly platform from bottom side. Defend yourself using a shield. Rotate it left or right to break walls with similar color. Use two fingers on left and right sides of screen.
SLIDE - Mode. In this mode player will not control a character. All you need is provide a straith way for character by stopping a obstacles one by one. Use your finger to stop obstacles and slide far as you can.